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Riverside, CA
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I am an Associate who works for Bank of America/ I love reading comics such as "Tales from the Crypt", "Vault of Horror", "Haunt of Fear", "Shock Suspense"and "Crime Suspense". I also love horror movies and I really enjoy the foreign ones. Call me freaky but anything that deals with vampires I'm all over that!!When it comes to playing video games I am known to strictly play fighting games like Tekken, Soul Caliber IV and Virtua Fighter 5....but my only exception for anything else is "Tomb Raider:underworld". Last but not least is that I love anime and my favorite anime movie of all time is "Ninja Scroll". I have seen mostly old school stuff aside from that like, "Wicked City", "Vampire Hunter "D", "Bio Hunter", "Grave of Fireflies (couldn't really get into that one)", "A Wind named Amnesia", "the Judge", "Ronan Warriors" and "M.D, Geist" (I wasn't sure if I should include "Aeon Flux" because I wasn't sure if it is strictly Japanese animation that pertains to this forum/website since that series I believe is Korean. I haven't seen any of the Dragon Ball Z series, Sailor Moon or "Cowboy Beebop", however I have caught a few episodes of Pokemon and I have to admit that I have enjoyed watching that. I love to party and hang out with down to earth people that don't mind being goofy. I'm so done with the club scene, but I love the raves. Sometimes I design and sew my own clothes too when I get a boost of inspiration. When it comes to bbq'ing and cooking in the kitchen all I have to say is that I can put Bobby Flay to shame for sure. I have a lot more to say......but I don't want to write a book. :)
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I love anything silly just as long as it doesn't include images of fecal matter. Displaying dookie in movies or in surprise text messages is where I draw the line.
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